Domaine de Villeneuve was sold in 1993 to Philippe du Roy de Blicquy and Stanislas Wallut, who in 2003 became the sole owner of the estate. Located on very old vines in the extreme north of the appellation Chateauneuf-du-Pape, it sits on three different soils and covers more than 12 ha. Scratching is practiced from pebble soils to clay soils through sandy soils to breathe the earth. Grassing is practiced to compete with the vigor of the vine; no chemical weeding or treatment based on synthetic molecules.

Only under-dosed sulfur and copper treatments using a proprietary process and the application of preparations used in biodynamic agriculture; the vineyard certified in Bio and Biodynamics since 1998 by Ecocert and Biodyvin.
For Stanislas Wallut the health of the plant therefore of the vine goes through the reconstitution of its immune defenses. It is the inner energy of the plant that opposes a barrier to diseases and viruses and not “medicine” that manage the temporary.The cellar is completely buried on 2 levels more than 6 meters underground with blocks of stone from the Gard to let the cellar breath and naturally regulate temperatures and humidity.